Charee has been through so much heartache this past year due to the passing of many of her family members. Before recording this Wish, Charee’s husband, her high school sweetheart, was in the ICU isolated, fighting for his life. Charee was only able to sit near a glass window to be there with him. Because Charee cannot work, the bills are piling up. Naomi, Charee’s niece, wishes for some help for Charee this holiday.

Unfortunately, Suni, Charee’s husband, passed a couple of days before this was recorded. We send our love and prayers to Charee and her family.

We are asking for donations to help Charee and her family. This can come in the form of a reoccurring or a one-time donation. The money collected will be put towards paying her bills and other costs that are incurred during her husband’s hospitalization and passing. Please know that anything truly helps and is genuinely appreciated. Click here to make your donation.