Jagger and Kristi – War of the Roses

Do you remember Trina and Bill?
Trina did War of the Roses on her boyfriend Bill a couple months back and things ended on a strange note when Bill sent the roses to a woman he called his “ballroom dance partner”.  Bill had a little trip to Vegas planned to dance in a competition with this woman who he claimed was just his ‘dance partner’.  Trina invited herself along on the trip and Bill agreed to let her come along.

Find out what Trina is doing now!
After Trina decided to go watch Bill compete in Vegas, we wanted to check in on her to see how the competition went.

Do you remember Whitney and Austin?
Whitney found a used condom wrapper under her husband Austin’s bed, but it wasn’t from any time THEY got together!

Find out what Whitney is doing now!
Whitney promised this was the last time he was going to get away with cheating on her. We checked in with Whitney to get all the details on the status of their relationship.