Outlaw is an 18 year old quarter horse up for adoption that was donated to FalconRidge Equine Rescue by his family.

He was used in the past to gather cattle on their ranch in Julian, but was sitting in pasture the last six years. He came in with slightly neglected hooves and needed shoes for the last few months on his fronts. They are now better and he is barefoot, but will still need some more rehab to get them perfectly normal.

Outlaw stands 16.2 hands high and rides well under saddle, most likely was only ridden on the range and on trail in a shank bit it appears as he was evaluated in a snaffle. Gentle under saddle from his ride here. Gorgeous dark bay/black color.

Adoption fee $700  See Outlaw on our horses for adoption page at www.falconridgerescue.org

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