* The LMSD Foundation, doing business as the Magic 92.5  Foundation (the Foundation), has received exempt status from federal income taxes under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  Accordingly, donors can deduct contributions made to the Foundation under IRC Section 170.

Cash & Check Donations Also Accepted

Please Make your check payable to:

The Magic 92.5 Foundation

6160 Cornerstone Ct E, Suite 150

San Diego, CA 92121

Please include your name and address with your cash/check so that we can send you a receipt for your donation.

You can also drop off your cash/check donation at the Magic 92.5 studio, located at the address above.

Donating Goods and Products

If you are a business looking to donate goods or products, please let us know! We’ll be in contact with you.