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Jagger & Kristi’s Hometown Heroes – Jaden Patawaran

After having a switch up at the end of his school year at Mt. Carmel High School from missing senior activities like prom and graduation, Jaden Patawaran decided to do what he can to help others during the pandemic by picking up a job as a courtesy clerk at a local grocery store. His initiative to work countless hours, putting himself at risk, while balancing the rest of what he would consider his school year. He was inspired by his father, Harlan who nominated him as his Jagger and Kristi’s Hometown Hero....

Jagger & Kristi’s Hometown Heroes – Mr. Patros

With the introduction into distance learning and really having to step up to the plate, Mr. Patros, a 6th grade Math and Science teacher at Cajon Valley Middle School, has truly made it such an amazing experience for students and their parents at home. He has gone above and beyond with always being available and making learning fun, even in the comfort of their homes. Sarah Olayo, a mother of one of his students, tells us why Mr. Patros is her Hometown Hero....

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