Name:            Davis
Age:               6-3/4 years
Weight:          105 pounds
Gender:          Male
Breed:            German Shepherd mix

Adoption Fee: $145


Davis is Jagger and Kristi’s Kritter at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

He’s almost 7-years-old. 105-pound, male, German Shepherd mix.

His owner was no longer able to care for him. The owner had him for 2 years.

Davis lived with a woman, a newborn, a toddler and teenagers. He was the only dog living in the house. At the shelter, he seems to get along fine with the other dogs.

He will do best in a gentle home with people who are not gone all day long.

The $145 adoption fee for Davis includes medical exam, neuter, up to date vaccinations, registered microchip, and a one-year license if the adopter lives in the jurisdiction of San Diego Humane Society’s Department of Animal Services.

For information log on to or call 760-753-6413.

Visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas Friday through Monday from 11 AM to 2 PM or Wednesday and Thursday by appointment.

Protect your pets on Halloween night.

*        Just because your pet enjoys people coming to the door…Trick or Treaters might not want to be greeted by an animal. Find a safe place for your pet to escape the noise.

*        Frightened pets are more likely to “door dash.” Outside they’ll just see more trick-or-treaters. If that happens, they’ll either keep running or hide. You DO NOT want to spend Halloween night searching for your pet.

*        Make sure pet costumes are safe, fit properly, and do not restrict the pet’s vision.

*        DO NOT force your pet to wear a costume.

*        Leave your dogs at home. But if you insist on taking them trick or treating, make sure Mom or Dad holds the leash and that “Count Barkula” stays back from the door. Even if YOUR dog is okay, the dog inside might feel the need to protect its home.

*        No Candy. No Booze. And remember that pets also eat candy wrappers. When           you get home and start eating the candy…dispose of the wrappers safely.

*        Black cats? Halloween isn’t any more dangerous for black cats than any other night. But it’s still hard to see black cats in the dark. Keep them safe inside.