Sweet Lolly is a spayed, two-year-old female terrier/lab blend weighing 47.5 lbs. She came from Texas, brought over from the partnership Helen Woodward Animal Center established during Hurricane Harvey. Here is what the foster has said about Lolly:

Lolly is an absolute sweetheart. She loves anyone she meets and is constantly wagging her tail. I do not know how she is around children, but I can only imagine her loving them. She is food driven (would benefit from one of those food dishes to slow her down). Her two favorite things are human attention and food. She loves belly rubs!

She gets along great with my dog. She is interested in him and likes to sniff him and lick his face but doesn’t try too hard to play with him and is OK to just coexist with him.

On walks, she does not pull and seems to know to go to the bathroom outside

She does not seem too interested in toys but loves laying by me and chewing her bone. She does not seem to know any commands but again, she is very food driven and intelligent so I think she would pick them up quickly.

She doesn’t really jump, only has a few times just out of wanting to be pet but it’s a gentle jump. She also will stop doing something (licking my dog’s face) when I tell her to.

Lastly, she is willing to go in her crate and is fine in there. Does not try to escape and does not cry/bark. I’m fact, I have not heard her bark once.

Any family would be extremely lucky to have Lolly be a part of their family. She will bring them lots of happiness!!

For information on how to adopt Lolly, contact https://animalcenter.org/

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