Our friend Joe Sigurdson, co-founder of Boys To Men Mentoring, paid us a visit in the studio to tell us about the 100 Wave Challenge happening on Sunday, Ocotober 7th at Mission Beach Park!  The event raises money and awareness for at risk boys who need mentoring to get through their teen years.

This year, world champion surfer Shaun Tomson, pro surfer Damien Hobgood, and over 150 of their surfing friends will meet at Mission Beach to celebrate Boys to Men Mentoring by attempting to catch 100 waves, IN ONE DAY, which is the surfing equivalent of running a marathon! The 100 Wave Challenge transforms Mission Beach into a surfer oasis providing breakfast and lunch, massage therapists, guided stretching, a surfer lounge, and other goodies throughout the day for the surfers attempting the challenge. Family and friends are encouraged to join us on the beach to cheer on the surfers throughout the day. Each surfer is encouraged to raise $1,000 leading up to the event. To donate or to register for the event, please visit www.100wave.org.

Boys To Men Mentoring is looking for a few good men, not a few perfect men. They are looking for men willing to admit they are not perfect: men willing to share the truth about the struggles all men face: men willing to join our community of boys and men on a shared journey to be the best men they can be.

How can you help?  You can make a donation to Boys To Men, or your favorite team!  Or you can sponsor a participant like our boss, Gregg Wolfson, who is surfing again for the fourth year, or you can take the 100 Wave Challenge yourself to help raise money for at risk young men. Bodie’s surf dog friends and taking the 100 Wave Challenge this year, too, so you can support Surfdog Turbo, Surfdog Tristan or Surfdog Koa!   Check them out on Facebook!

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