Magic 92.5 Mix Tape Weekend

Win tickets to The Mix Tape Tour starring New Kids on the Block all weekend long…
Plus, each Magic 92.5 DJ will be carefully crafting amazing Mix Tapes all weekend long!
Listen to Magic 92.5 to hear custom Mix Tapes all weekend long!


Friday 9:15am

Jagger and Kristi’s 90s Divas of Magic 92.5 Mix Tape

En Vogue, Mariah and more! The Divas are taking over!

Friday 10:20am

X-Man’s Kings & Queens of Freestyle Mix Tape

From Stevie B to Lisa Lisa, Freestyle royalty reigns!

Friday 11:20am

X-Man’s Chicano Soul Mix Tape

Trust Xavier the X-Man to bring you some treasures from his special stash of Latin Soul!

Friday 12:20pm

X-Man’s Girl Groups of the 90s Mix Tape

Remember female groups like Xscape, SWV and Jade? We do too!

Friday 1:20pm

X-Man’s 80s Aerobics Mix Tape

We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it! Legwarmers required.

Friday 2:20pm

X-Man’s Latin Hip-Hop Mix Tape

Don’t be a Mentirosa. This mix is for La Raza.

Friday 3:05pm

R Dub!’s Steal Your Girl Mix Tape

Fellas, keep your eye on your girl during this mix!

Friday 4:20pm

R Dub’s Show me The Money Mix Tape

‘Cause it’s all about the money.

Friday 5:00pm

Hurricane Andrew’s New Jack Mix Tape

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

Friday 5:30pm

Hurricane Andrew’s Studio 54 Mix Tape

Get up and boogie to your favorite Magic classic disco.

Friday 6:20pm

R Dub’s BFF Mix

Thank you for being a friend.

Friday 7:20pm

R Dub’s Sweet Tooth Mix Tape

Sweet sounds and special ear candy.

Friday 8:20pm

Kelly Cole’s Kissin’ Mix Tape

Go ahead and kiss and tell.

Friday 9:20pm

Kelly Cole’s Mix Tape for the Cheaters

We’ll keep it on the down low.

Friday 10:20pm

Kelly Cole’s Break Up Mix Tape

Because all good things come to an end.

Friday 11:20pm

Kelly Cole’s 70s Slow Jam Mix Tape

Another Love T.K.O.

Saturday 12:08am

Sheryl’s Caught Up in the 90s Hip-Hop Mix Tape

Music from the decade that brought you Snoop, Pac and Biggie.

Saturday 2:08am

Sheryl’s #SorryNotSorry Mix Tape

Because sometimes you need a song to say I’m sorry.

Saturday 4:08am

Sheryl’s Sweet Thang Mix Tape

Songs so sweet you may get a cavity.

Saturday 8:08am

Hurricane Andrew’s Breakdancing Mix Tape

You’re gonna need some cardboard.

Saturday 9:08am

Hurricane Andrew’s Car Tunes Mix Tape

Songs about the cars we love.

Saturday 10:08am

Hurricane Andrew’s 80s Slow Jams Mix Tape

There’s no jam like a Slow Jam.

Saturday 11:08am

Jay Michael’s Make It Rain Mix Tape

It may not be raining…but we can pretend.

Saturday 12:08pm

Jay Michael’s New Jack Swing Mix Tape

Fly jams to get you dancing.

Saturday 1:08pm

Jay Michael’s Make Out Mix Tape

Songs all about locking lips.

Saturday 2:08pm

Jay Michael’s Kings of R&B Mix Tape

All rise for R&B royalty.

Saturday 3:08pm

Billy Blast’s One Hit Wonders Mix Tape

One and done.

Saturday 4:08pm

Billy Blast’s Blue Eyed Soul Mix Tape

From Teena Marie to Hall and Oats, enjoy a lighter a shade of soul.

Saturday 5:08pm

Billy Blast’s Super 70s Mix Tape

A groovy mix of your favorite Magic 70’s superstars.

Saturday 6:08pm

West Coast Hip-Hop Legends Mix Tape

We’re going back to Cali and staying there for this one.

Sunday 6:08am

Billy Blast’s We Want the Funk Mix Tape

The whole funk and nothing but the funk.

Sunday 7:08am

Billy Blast’s Cheaters Never Win Mix Tape

Spend some time with Billy for this special mix…just don’t get caught.

Sunday 8:08am

Billy Blast’s Girl Power Mix Tape: 90s Female Groups

The ladies are in charge for this mix.

Sunday 9:08am

Billy Blast’s You Should be Dancin’ Disco Mix Tape

Grab your boogie shoes.

Sunday 10:08am

Billy Blast’s Money Talks Mix Tape

Songs all about the mighty dollar.

Sunday 11:08am

Billy Blast’s Legends of Latin Hip-Hop Mix Tape

Latin Hip-Hop’s finest.

Sunday 12:08pm

Jay Michael’s Twice as Nice “Duets” Mix Tape

It takes two to tango.

Sunday 1:08pm

Jay Michael’s Queens of Magic 92.5 Mix Tape

All hail the Queens of Magic 92.5.

Sunday 2:08pm

Jay Michael’s Please Forgive Me Mix Tape

We all do stupid things. Luckily, there’s a song for that.

Sunday 3:08pm

Jay Michaels 90’s Hip-Hop Mix-Tape

1-2-3 and to the Four…Jammin’ Jay Michaels and Magic’s at your door…

Sunday 4:08pm

Jay Michael’s One Hit Wonders Mix Tape

Big songs from small albums.