"Christmas Wish" is Back for 2017

This Christmas Season, Jagger & Kristi are accepting nominations and donations for their 2017 Christmas Wish.

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“I have always wanted to hug a giraffe. The reason hugging a giraffe has been on my bucket list is because giraffes have always encouraged me to keep my head held high. I was raised to never belittle myself, and being African- American and facing discrimination for this it had been a little tough for me to respect myself in the way I deserve. To me, giraffes are such a symbol of strength. For some reason, I feel every step they take, though it may be wobbly, is confident.”

Watch as Nyla’s Wish comes true below!

Thank you San Diego Zoo Safari Park for helping make Nyla’s wish come true!

If you’re at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this Spring make sure to visit the Butterfly Jungle…

Once a year, guests at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are completely immersed by thousands of butterflies as they walk through the Hidden Jungle aviary. Guests should be prepared, as some may even land on their shoulders and head!


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