• Otto
  • Male
  • 70 lbs
  • Lab mix
  • 9 years old
  • Donation Fee: $50


This handsome 9 year old boy is a lab mix.  He is actually 9 years old, but he bounces around and plays fetch like a 5 year old.  He is great with adults and children, but should be the only dog in the family. And like most dogs, he’s not a fan of cats.  He enjoys being outdoors, but he really enjoys being around people.

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Rescuing Cujo: About Us

Rescuing Cujo…the name could raise eyebrows, make the mind wonder, or just be confusing.  I wanted to name the dog rescue, Rescuing Cujo, to not only honor my first dog, Cujo, but also to help people learn that even dogs who might have a look or reputation of a “Cujo” can be rescued and adopted into loving homes.  My Cujo was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles at four months old by a friend of mine.  Since I was a fan of Stephen King novels, I decided to name him Cujo, despite knowing the name would raise some eyebrows.  Cujo was a lab/pit mix, and as he grew into adulthood, he became a big boy, topping out at 85 pounds.  His size, look and deep bark scared some people, mostly those who feared pit bulls.  I put him through several levels of obedience training because I wanted him to disprove the stereotypes that surround a dog with his size, color and mixed breed.  Cujo grew up to be such a friendly, fun dog, who loved people and playing with other dogs.  He showed me how dogs are a great source of love, happiness and companionship.  It was because of Cujo that I decided I wanted to start my own dog rescue…he showed me just how wonderful dogs can be, even those who cause fear because of their size, look or breed.

Our Mission

The mission of Rescuing Cujo is to help abused, neglected, abandoned dogs by providing them with shelter, care and affection until a loving home is found where they can live in comfort and safety.  We do this by working with other shelters and rescues, and temporarily housing dogs through our foster program or at our facility in Jamul, California.  We believe all dogs can be saved and provided with a loving home, no matter what size or breed.

  • One of 4 dog parks we have on the 20 acres. We also have 3 different hiking trails for the 2 daily dog walk rotations.
  • They also get out twice a day for dog park time. In the morning for 45 minutes each, and then in the afternoon for 30 minutes each as well.
  • Between those times outside and the last rotation at 9pm, to get out to do their “business” one last time for the night, they are outside 5 times everyday.
  • From getting donations and fundraising, we were able to have shelter air conditioned and heated.
  • Lastly, we are a small non profit organization, and we are always in need of volunteers to help us grow and enables us to rescue more dogs.