Car Show
 Video by 9pointFive Music by Rationale-Fast Lane (MXXWLL remix) second is dam funk- (My funk goes) on and on.

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God

THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES FOR HELPING ME MAKE my car show a huge success. The truth is, I could not have done it without YOU.

So many people and so many cars, bikes and motorcycles showed up to support my annual car show to help children get to their cancer treatments. The stars of the show are the cars but the families and owners who bring those cars for this cause are even bigger stars to me. Together we raised much-needed funds for the Emilio Nares Foundation but not only that; we had a great showing with blood donations and bone marrow registry. You made a difference in someone’s life… Maybe even saved it.

Thank you for making Xavier The X-Man’s 15th Annual Cruise For The Cause Car Show another one for the record books. We hit 500 participants. We had folks from Northern California, Santa Barbara, LA, Riverside county, Phoenix, Tempe, Yuma, Inland Empire, El Centro, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tijuana, and of course North country, and San Diego. That’s crazy thinking back to when I started with just 20 cars.

Thank you Ray Garcia PPG, Meza Paint, & Meza Automotive Paint, Sycuan Casino, Mossy Nissan, Metro PCS, Del Rio Foods, and Jarritos for your support.

I cannot say enough about my VOLUNTEER STAFF of friends who always come through for me on this event. Yeah, maybe the show has my name on it but these people help me make it happen and without them it’s a “NO SHOW”.

Thanks to Mario “OG” Lopez of Toltec Graphics for ALL the art layout design on everything related to the show not mention, his guidance and wisdom on practically EVERYTHING.

Big Jose (Groupe) and his talented parking crew for doing an excellent job of parking close to 500 cars in 3 hours. Thanks for volunteering for the job and getting up at 4:00am to do it. It’s by far the biggest and most challenging job that day.

Much respect to Bird, Smiley, Norman, and the rest of the SIC Productions who had the tough job of judging all those cars, bikes, motorcycles, etc. in 5 hours. You guys are the best in the business and I appreciate your help so much with this.

Julio & Family (tees and signs) for producing the 45 record plaques, Alex Pantoja for a fantastic screen-printing job that made the shirt another collectible tee, & Maggie and Diego from National City Trophy for those great looking Best of trophies.

I’d also like to thank Tony Mirador & Ben from Akroz Professional for the sound, and the homie DJ Jose Monterosa for spinning all day.

Gracias also to David “The Laughing Boy,” King Ralph, Wicho, and Armando for backing me up with all those cars.  You have to be able to bite your lip and smile when people are yelling at you and demanding that you park them here instead of there while at the same time holding back 50 cars waiting on you to park them in a spot. It’s a tough job and I thank you.

I can’t forget my Magic 92.5 family for always supporting me with this crazy car show. You’re always there to back me up and make the event a success.

Big Shout-out to: Alto Riesgo, Frankie J, Play-n-Skillz, The WildSide Band, and Bulevar Descarga for putting on an amazing performance.

I know I’m missing some people in here and I’m so sorry if I forgot to mention your name or affiliation; blame it on my head and not my heart; it is still spinning from yesterday. A heartfelt thanks to ALL those who were involved; no matter how big or small, in making this happen.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for making Xavier The X-Man’s 15th annual Cruise For The Cause car show, yet another a success.

Xavier spelled with an X and not with a J,

Winners will be listed on my site later this week at Please post pics; I didn’t get a chance to take any.

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