San Diego fans

Where is the love for Charger/San Diego fans?

I love rooting for the home team, so when the Chargers left San Diego I was very disappointed because I lost the team I loved rooting for! (I also truly believed Dean Spanos wanted to stay here.) I understand it was a business decision, but I still don’t believe he did enough to stay OR to even keep San Diego fans loyal to the team.

We got no goodbye celebration like “Thanks for the many years San Diego” or even a special offer for the upcoming season as a way to show appreciation to the San Diego fan base.

We do have good memories to share, but those memories fade fast when you have tweets like this coming from the Chargers…

San Diego fans

What do you think about this? Are you going to “run with” or “run from” the Los Angeles Chargers? Tell me what you think in the comments here!

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