king of mumble rap

You may or may not be familiar with the genre of current music dubbed “Mumble Rap.” It’s the term many adults and hip-hop fans have given to an alarming new trend of rap music, where it’s almost impossible to comprehend even one word of the lyrics.

Your kids may even listen to these so-called “artists” – mumblers like “Gucci Mane,” “Cheif Keef” and “Young Thug.” These fools have destroyed the art of hip-hop and many opponents of this so-called “music” are demanding that it not even be labeled “Hip-Hop;” but rather live in a category of its own: “Mumble Rap.”

So I had to cringe when I stumbled on the King of Mumble Rap “Lil’ Yachty” attempting to remake one of the biggest hip-hop classics of all-time: “It Takes Two.”

DJ E-Z Rock is rolling over in his grave at this one. Look, “Lil’ Yachty,” it’s one thing if you want to mumble, but please, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase…stay away from the classics!!!

king of mumble rap
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