There are some horrifying accounts from people who escaped the shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday night. Along with the terror come moments of heroism. We were moved by the account of a former Marine who reportedly saved dozens of lives during the shooting rampage that left 49 people dead.

Meet Imran Yousuf, a bouncer at the club, who was working that night.  Yousuf helped guide terrified club goers to a back hallway door and out of the building to safety, as the Orlando killer opened fire on the crowd.

Yousuf said 60 or 70 people probably made it out through the door he opened, but many didn’t.  When asked if he realized how many lives he saved, Yousuf said, “I wish I could have saved more.” 

Thank you Marine, for your service to our country and for what you did that night.  Watch the interview below and thank Yousuf on his Facebook page if you are so moved.