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Spicy Pop Rocks In A Burrito? We’re In!!

Pop Rocks
image: Peter Pham/Foodbeast

Leave it to Taco Bell to come up with a Pop Rocks Burrito!  Well, it’s actually just a new test item but it could really catch on!  It’s call the Firecracker Burrito and it’s currently being tested in the Orange County area.  The new wrap comes in two forms (cheesy and spicy), and is filled with rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, beef, and red tortilla strips. Both burritos are wrapped up in the same red tortilla, but the spicy version gets an added chipotle sauce kick to the fillings.

Our friends at FoodBeast confirmed with Taco Bell the four locations that are testing the new wrap until August 16th!  If you want to do a tasting the addresses are below!

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