celebs people want to travel with
celebs people want to travel with
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I think we can agree that the Kardashians seem to have a wonderful time on vacation. However, not many people would like to experience vacation with them. After politicians, they are the least popular travel companions, along with Kanye West.

If you could travel with ANY celebrity, who would it be? I picked Jennifer Lopez, Jagger picked Bruno Mars and Producer Sheryl picked Rihanna, but only one of those celebs actually made it on this list…

Hotels.com did a survey of the top celebs people want to travel with and here are the results: Tom Hanks is the top male celeb, and Jennifer Aniston is the top female celeb to travel with. Some other top travel partners include, Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Which celebrity would you want to travel with? Tell us on here!

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