San Diego NFL stadium
San Diego NFL stadium

There is a new development in the quest for a new San Diego NFL stadium! Developer, Doug Manchester has contacted NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, expressing a desire to build a privately-financed stadium in Mission Valley.

Manchester is the former owner of The San Diego Union-Tribune and he told Goodell he “assembled a powerful group of associates” who will develop the land on which Qualcomm Stadium sits and plans to “construct a new 70,000-seat stadium and surrounding development.”

Woo-Hoo! When do we break ground?!

Manchester stated in a letter dated Feb. 8, that the group is “open to working with the Chargers, the Raiders, other NFL owners or a new ownership group.” The letter said an NFL franchise could participate as a partner or tenant.

Our group will provide the funds previously allocated to be provided by the City of San Diego and guarantee the stadium’s expeditious construction. Accordingly, this project will not require voter approval.

The letter also said the group would provide “new state of the art scoreboards and upgrade Qualcomm Stadium while the new stadium is being constructed.”

We will cautiously wait to hear how the NFL responds to this letter. I mean, who wants to get disappointed all over again?!

What do you think? Let us know here. Also, check out the official letter below!

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