Charger Fans
Charger Fans

It’s the start of the 2018 NFL Season and many of us jilted Charger fans still haven’t decided who to root for.  Maybe you’re one of the fans who stays a fan no matter what city the Chargers are in.  Maybe you just haven’t decided if you want to root for your old home team (most transplants have one) or pick a new team.  Dallas McLaughlin from came up with a great breakdown of reason why or why NOT to root for NFL teams.

Below are a few of the teams bandwagons we are already on or considering getting on.  Go to KeptFaith to see the entire thirty-one teams as possible suitors for you – the fan!

We’ll start with the obvious choice….the Raiders.  One of the biggest rivalries in the NFL is Chargers/Raiders and now the other big rivalry is the Chargers/Rams…so we’ll start there.  Followed by Kristi’s Packers (a no-brainer for this Packer fan)!  Jagger used to be a Niners fan so that is his closest option.  Producer Sheryl’s husband is trying to get her to unite the family and become a Carolina Panthers fan.  Then there’s the Broncos?

Let us know who you are going to root for, including those who are staying fans of the LA Chargers. Follow Dallas McLaughlin on Twitter @dallas_mc.

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