scary movie

Since stores are already gearing up for Halloween (what…it’s only AUGUST!), we thought it’d be good to revisit some scary movies that haunted us as a kid…and still haunt us today!

Here’s what your favorite Magic DJs said:

Kelly Cole from the Quiet Storm, Xavier The X-Man, AND Kristi all say:

scary movie

Exorcist!!! I do not go see scary movies because of that one!” – Kelly

“NOPE!” -Xavier

The Exorcist for me. Geez, that sound she makes when her head spins and the green puke…TOOO MUCH! And any scary movie where someone goes in the basement when they are home alone scare the bejesus outta me!” -Kristi

Producer Sheryl Love:

scary movie

The Shining! I had to close the bathroom door (across from my bedroom) before going to bed. The scene with the old woman coming out of the bathroom scared me!!! lol”


scary movie

Damian Omen. Still won’t watch.”

Your turn!!! What’s a scary movie that haunted you as a kid? Does it still scare you today?! Tell us your thoughts on Facebook, here!