Los Angeles

Sooooo how’s Los Angeles treating you, Chargers?

The Chargers and Rams held a joint training camp in Irvine, and things don’t seem to be going according to plan. A brawl broke out on Rams’ home turf when an incomplete pass caused Chargers’ Dontrelle Inman & Rams’ Trumaine Johnson to get into it.

Johnson threw a punch but was pushed away by an official. Coleman shoved Inman to the ground.

Even Chargers’ receiver Keenan Allen (who’s out of knee surgery) got involved by body-slamming Coleman.

Fox 5 says there were at least two more fights and several flare-ups after. The two teams will face each other in preseason on August 26th in San Diego…just kidding…Los Angeles.

Excuse us for our smugness 😉