princess treatment
princess treatment

“It’s a tale as old as time!” This dad gave his daughter complete princess treatment – so magical!

Photographer Josh Rossi, wanted to give his daughter memories she could cherish forever, so he arrange a magical Beauty and the Beast photo shoot with real castles and costumes!

He told ABC News:

I love being able to use my talent for something in the family that will live on forever. It’s a representation of the relationship we have together. And instead of having a poster of Justin Bieber over her bed in a few years, she can have this awesome photo of herself!

Rossi and his daughter Nellee traveled to Europe to photograph actual castles and landscapes to use as scenery.

I wanted it to be really authentic so I went to shoot all the castles that Disney movies were inspired by. I had some SkyMiles and was like, ‘I could totally do this for fun and it would be an awesome gift.’ I have family in Italy so I stayed with them and drove around Europe to get the shots.

Rossi loved the way the photographs turned out, but admittedly became emotional when thinking about his daughter’s future.

It was all these weird, mixed emotions, like she was getting married, but she was still young. But, I imagined her older… it was the cutest thing.

These pictures are amazing! Way to go dad!!!