Tito is a male, golden retriever/chow chow mix (we think), about 10 years old from our friends at Rover’s Retreat.

You wouldn’t know he’s 10 from his personality. He’s a spunky old guy who loves to cuddle on the couch and be close to you. He’s basically like a real life teddy bear. He has a few Dental issues from living on the streets for so long, but other than that he seems to be in pretty good health overall. We never know how long the seniors have with us when they rescued, but he definitely deserves to be in a home or he’ll be loved and treated the way he should be for the remainder of his life, no matter how short or long that may be.

He was found on the streets of Tijuana with TVT, a form of cancer. He was treated for that and given his vaccinations. He hasn’t been neutered yet because they wanted to wait until he was through with the cancer treatment. He will get neutered on Wednesday and be ready to go!

Oh, and his adoption fee is $250. That will help offset some of our costs including his shots, microchip, and neuter Just want to find him a good home!

To get more information about adopting Tito, please contact Rover’s Retreat:

Phone:     858-529-5678
E-mail: info@roversretreat.org
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