Hey family! So everyday when I’m on the air, I get calls from a lot of folks with questions–some even downright confused–about how to win Disneyland tickets.

I thought I would address some of the most common questions, and share the answers with you. I hope this helps you win!

These are actual questions I get asked…often!

Question: How do I win Disneyland tickets?

Answer: Text TICKETS to 33925. We’ll send you a text back to confirm you want to participate in the game; make sure you reply with Y, to confirm! You can’t win if you don’t reply to that first text we send with Y. (see photo below).

Question: So I text TICKETS to 570-1925???

Answer: No, that’s our request line. Text TICKETS to 33925.

Once you reply to that initial text with Y, you’re in!

Then, just look out for texts from us, telling you exactly when to call in to win Disneyland tickets! (see example, below)

Question: So do I call as soon as I get the text?

Answer: No, follow the instructions on the text (see below for an example)

Question: Oh, so I just start calling at 1PM?

Answer: No, just follow the directions on the text message.

Question: Oh, so I call all hour? All hour between 1PM and 2PM?

Answer: No, just follow the directions on the text message.

Question: Oooooooooh, so I call when I hear Boyz II Men – End of The Road?

Answer: Yes! Exactly!!! Of course, it’s a different song every time, but don’t worry–we’ll text you the exact song artist and title, and when it will play!

Question: So I call when I get the text?

Answer: Ummm, no. When you hear the song.

Question: What song?

Answer: Read the text!

Question: So do I call when the song starts, or when it’s over?

Answer: As soon as you hear the song–the very first note, the beginning–that’s when you dial!

Question: But it’s always busy once the song plays, why?

Answer: Because many other people are also calling to try and win.

Question: So I have a secret plan–this is genius–I’ll just call all hour and keep hanging up until I hear the song.

Answer: Please don’t do that. Number one, it’s rude. And number two, as soon as the song starts playing, we clear all the lines.

Question: You “clear the lines???” What do you mean?

Answer: Well, when the song begins, any calls that are currently “ringing” on our phone will be “cleared,” so we can start fresh, with caller number one, until we get our ninth caller. So if you’re already on the line, “ringing,” when the song starts, you won’t win.

Question: How many phone lines do you have?

Answer: Five.

Question: What does it mean when I hear “beep……………beep……………..beep……………beep” and what do I do when I hear those strange noises?

Answer: That’s called a “busy signal.” It means the lines are full. Ask your parents to explain if you don’t understand. When you hear those mystery, intermittent tones, that means you should hang up and try again.

Question: Well I can’t listen to the radio at work, so I’m just gonna test my luck and call all day.

Answer: Please don’t do that. The whole purpose of this contest is to get you to listen longer, at work!

Question: Well I’m going to just keep calling, randomly, anyway.

A couple other tips: please make sure you are NOT on speaker or Bluetooth when you’re calling us. We need to hear you clearly–please no speakerphone, roll your windows up if you’re in the car, and have your radio turned down when you call us. Why not make sure that baby’s fed first, also.

I really do wish you good luck–I’m puttin’ the good thought on ya! Talk soon!

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R Dub! is the afternoon host on Magic 92.5 and can be heard every weekday from 3PM – 8PM, and on Sunday nights at 11 for Sunday Night Slow Jams. You can find him on Twitter @rdub.