We love proposals and this one melted our hearts!

Eric Castro from Oceanside, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Bree Abbott, in a very special way. He planned for months with a local caricature artist, Cameron, and pulled off a very cool proposal. Castro reached out to friend Chris Cochran to shoot video from many different angles taking time to plan each shot.

Castro walked with Abbott and their dog to Oceanside Pier on Saturday. They walked up to a caricaturist who offered to draw a picture of the couple. When the artist was finished with the drawing, he turned it around for the couple to see and that’s when Abbott was taken by surprise! The caricature was of Castro proposing to Abbott and that’s when Castro dropped down to his knee and asked her to marry him.


Still hugely surprised…Abbott said “Yes!”

After a couple months of planning, the big moment went well and was all worth the effort! Of course, a friend had a camera trained on the two, so there is video.

Out of all the bad news we hear in a day here is one video that will make you smile. Love always wins!

Congratulations Eric an Bree!

We wish you many years of happiness!

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