killer whale
killer whale

It’s time to say goodbye to Shamu!

Seaworld announced this will be the last year for the Shamu show.

Shamu, has been a staple for SeaWorld for many years. I could remember seeing Shamu in the ’70s when Dad would drive the family down to San Diego for vacation.

The Shamu show will end next year so you still have time to see the show here in San Diego.

SeaWorld also announced it will immediately stop breeding killer whales. It will be introducing “new, inspiring natural orca encounters.”

SeaWorld’s statement:

We’re making historic announcements at SeaWorld, including ending orca breeding, introducing new, inspiring and natural orca encounters, and launching new partnerships to protect oceans and marine animals. We’re creating a new vision for SeaWorld that will help us deliver on our mission that every guest who walks through our doors will be inspired to take action to help protect wild animals and wild places.

When SeaWorld opened its doors more than 50 years ago, killer whales were feared and even hunted. Now, they are among the most beloved marine mammals on the planet thanks, in part, to the inspirational encounters we’ve provided to more than 400 million guests.

The new vision for SeaWorld reflects changes in society and SeaWorld’s evolution with those changes, including ending killer whale breeding, new inspiring natural orca encounters, and new partnerships to protect oceans and marine animals.

While these decisions represent a shift in our business, they do not change our core values and purpose: to protect animals in the wild and inspire our guests to join us in this critical mission.

Will you miss Shamu’s show, or are you excited for what’s to come at SeaWorld, or BOTH?! Tell us!

– Xavier the X-Man