snowboarding in NYC

Let’s have a look at how our friends on the East Coast are dealing with the snow brought on by Snowstorm Jonas over the weekend…

Yes, there’s lots of shoveling, but a couple of YouTube producers took advantage of the empty New York city streets and had some fun with a snowboard, a go-pro and a drone!

It goes to show, you can go snowboarding anywhere! You just have to wait for a record-breaking snowstorm to hit!

Clearly, you have to have some skills to do this… oh, and watch out for the cops!

Casey Neistat is pulled by a rope-tow, carving up the snow-covered streets alongside parked cars, plows and police cruisers — all of it set to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

Have fun with it, as they say! And if you don’t know how to snowboard, here’s the perfect opportunity to learn!


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