The USS Theodore Roosevelt is the next aircraft carrier to call San Diego its home port and is scheduled to arrive Monday morning!

The 29-year-old Roosevelt, named for the 26th president, is part of a three-way swap of carrier home ports. The USS George Washington, formerly based in Japan, was sent to Virginia to have its nuclear power plant refueled. The USS Ronald Reagan, based in San Diego for 11 years, replaced the George Washington in Japan.

The sailors on the Roosevelt will fly on from San Diego to Virginia, where they will take over the George Washington.

Most of the Reagan’s crew will fly back to San Diego and become the Roosevelt’s crew. Around one-third of each vessel’s sailors, mainly command staff, and nuclear power experts, stayed with their ships.

Below is a video of the Roosevelt’s deployment in March of this year.  We are so proud to welcome the ship “home” to San Diego!  Welcome home USS Theodore Roosevelt!

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