This story comes to us from Naples Italy where a small Labrador puppy was rescued thanks to some sailors on their boat.  You see the pup come near the boat and then it seems like he is not sure but the current takes him away.  He is a persistent little guy though and keeps swimming till one of the guys is able to scoop him out of the  water by the scruff of his neck.  It’s an amazing rescue!

So, what led to this little guy doggy paddling for hours off the Naples coast?  According to The Daily Mail, the pup had fallen off a ferry earlier in the day after slipping out of his collar.  The crew on the ferry didn’t realize it and the dog swam around hopelessly until the sailors on the boat saw him.

Unless you speak Italian, you can’t understand a word that’s said here, but it’s not needed.  Human kindness translates around the world.  We say “Grazie!” to those sailors for their compassion and an amazing rescue.

As  for the pup, he was warmed up with a hair dryer and reunited with his owner and is doing great!


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