What an awesome day at Xavier The X-Man’s 13th Annual Cruise for the Cause!  Thanks for coming…and if you missed it, you missed out!

I loved meeting so many nice people and getting to know so many of the car clubs that were representing!  A lot of people asked me some great questions about my car–here’s the top 10 questions!

Q:  What kind of car is that?
A:  ’83 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme!

Q:  How long have you had it?
A:  I’m proud to say that this is was my very first car!  I bought it when I was 15 years old; it was my high school car.

Q:  Did you buy it like this?
A:  Haha, no way!  It was kinda broken down when I first got it.  I needed to fix a lot of things.  Paint was faded.  Stock everything.


Q:  Do you do the work yourself?
A:  No way!  Man, I wish I knew how to work on cars myself.

Q:  Why such a small steering wheel?
A:  So I can drive with the handcuffs on!

Q:  Do you belong to a car club?
A:  I don’t.  I was with a very small club called Mystikal Lows when I lived in Arizona, back in the day.  I think car clubs are great and love the work they do in the community.  One day I’d like to join a car club here in SD.  It’s hard because I work seven days a week.

Q:  Does your car have a top?
A:  Nope.  I have to be careful not to be caught in the rain!

Q:  What type of music do you like to cruise to?
A:  My go-to music is Ralfi Pagan.  I wear out that CD…his music just sounds so good when I’m cruising.  Also in my CD player:  ODM (from Lighter Shade of Brown), DJ Quik and Sinatra.

Q:  Will you keep this car forever?
A:  Always and forever.  I’ve thought about being buried in the car when I do.  Not joking!

Q:  You’re a White dude with a “Mexican” lowrider, how come?
A:  Haha, I appreciate your honesty!  I have always been into lowriders since I was 14 and I saw Kid Frost’s La Raza video…it was over!  I remember asking my Dad, “How do they get those cars to bounce?!”  It was all new to me!

I have an obsession with American cars from the 70s and 80s.  I love their styling and they make for dope lowriders.  I’m just not into mini-trucks or sports cars.  Give me a 1980s all-American car with 13x7s any day!

Q:  Have you owned any other lowriders?
A:  Yes…and I miss her.  I while back I was the proud owner of a 1975 Lincoln Continental Limousine.  Yes, limousine.  It was amazing and pretty one-of-a-kind.  I bought it in amazing condition–with about 12,000 original miles.  I had it painted, a system installed, and hydraulics.  It was long, low, and beautiful.  And old school.  It even had the original TV in the back, with knobs!!!  It was a masterpiece.  I’m sorry I ever sold it.  I think about her often.  (pictured below)

Q:  Dream car?
A:  Besides my ’75 Lincoln (pictured above), I have always loved the early 80’s Carprice Classics.  Always wanted one.  Also I have dreamed of owning a bomb one day…a 1940s classic.  A Plymouth, Buick, Hudson, etc.

Q:  Favorite car at this year’s Cruise for the Cause?
A:  That is so hard!!!  But overall, this car named Pan Dulce really stood out.  It was absolutely amazing!  The paint, the chrome and the attention to details were ridiculous!  Even the car’s display (carpet, stanchions, sign, etc.) was over and above all others.  I can’t forget about another one of my faves: Marisa Rosales’ cherry-red 1949 Hudson.  Her story is amazing.

Q:  Does your car have a name?
No!!!  And it needs one!!!  The Blue BanditThe DubsicleThe Dubmarine???  I’m open for suggestions!

What’s next for your car?
I get soooo inspired at Cruise for the Cause!  Just when I think my car is really fantastic, I see these incredible works of arts at shows like this.  Next up is probably a couple body modifications, like shaving down and shortening my windshield, to give the car a longer, lower look.  Then I want to get an incredible, deep, detailed paint job–with more flake than a carnival ride!  Upholstery next, that’s long overdue!  And I want to improve on the sound system.  So much to do!  So little money!

  When are you on the radio?
A:  I do afternoons on Magic 92.5.  I’m on after X-Man, from 3PM-7pM.  I also have a nationally syndicated love songs and dedications show heard across the country on 100+ radio stations, called Sunday Night Slow Jams!  Please invite your friends and family around the country to tune in!