San Diego, CA – After more than 36 hours after Best Buy offered $200 gift cards online for $15, then reneged on the deal, the company continues to remain silent on social media and has offered zero explanations for what happened in their cancellation emails.  Most aren’t upset about an apparent pricing error, but the way Best Buy is handling things–or shall we say not handling things.  So I write this open letter to Best Buy in hopes of some answers for the thousands (tens of thousands) waiting for acknowledgment.

Here goes…

1)  Soooooo yeah, Best Buy…ummmm…what happened?
Yeah, that is a serious question.  Can you tell us exactly “what” happened?  Innocent programming error online?  Did someone leave off a “zero?”  Was this a result of a disgruntled employee trying to get even for something?  A prank?  Were you hacked by the North Koreans?  Or Isis?  Seriously–we’d love to know what happened, we’re on pins and needles over here!  If you can tell us what happened (insert Office Space voice here), that’d be great.

2)  Are our credit card numbers, and better yet, our identities, secure?
Please answer that.  I take my privacy very seriously.  And if someone hacked into your website to cause this commotion and also stole my identity, I deserve to know so that I may take the appropriate actions to secure all my accounts.  And if that didn’t happen, I deserve that reassurance too.  Dude, identity theft is a serious issue.  Customers have placed their trust in you, and every second that goes by without an explanation from you, more trust is lost.

3)  Why did you lie?
I, like many, received a cancellation notice via email saying my order was cancelled because you “couldn’t verify my information.”  Really?  Are you serious right now?  Are you telling me you think anyone would ever believe that?  Instead of an e-mail that says, “Whoops, we goofed–sorry, we have to cancel this order because we made a pricing error,” you actually sent emails out to your customers claiming you couldn’t verify their info, alluding to a mistake on the customer’s end?  Unbelievable!  I couldn’t think of a worse way to handle the situation.

3)  Did the hackers also lock you out of your Facebook and Twitter accounts?
‘Cause that would explain the deafening silence on your social media.  Oh, not from your customers–I’ve seen thousands and thousands of facebook comments, questions and tweets directed at you.  They continue to pile up every minute, over a day later.  But no answers from you–not one!  Not one status update or tweet acknowledging the gift card issue.  Not even a “We’re aware of the problem and we’re working to correct things now, we’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”  That’s it!  How simple would that have been?

4)  Who is in charge over there anyway?
Seriously, who’s the day-to-day person in charge of overseeing operations and handling disasters like these?  And how the heck did they get hired?  I would have loved to have sat in on that interview!

Best Buy: “So Bob, what would you do if the company made a humongous mistake and pissed off tens of thousands of customers?”

Bob:  “Absolutely nothing!  Maybe a day later I’d lie to them, and tell them it was their fault.”

Best Buy:  “When can you start?!”

4b)  Who in the world handles your social media???
And how did they get that job?!  Guys, it’s 2015!  Why have a Twitter or Facebook if you’re not even going to acknowledge customers?  What is the point?  It’s been 36+ hours since this giant fiasco started, and what’s worse than you not acknowledging this world-class blunder?  Posting a status about a new golf video game the next day–and another post today–a #tbt post and link to buy the movie Hocus Pocus on DVD.  Okay, your facebook must have been hacked by Isis, because no real company would do this.

5)  What in the world are you going to do next?
Just how long will you wait before finally issuing a response, explanation, apology…something, anything?  Or will you ever at all?  (Bloomberg doesn’t count, c’mon guys)  Will you continue to remain arrogantly silent while thousands of your customers remain feeling ignored, wondering what the heck happened?  How will you make this right?  And how will you get back into your facebook and twitter account now that Isis has a hold of them?


About the author: R Dub! is a nationally syndicated radio host whose Sunday Night Slow Jams program is heard across America and around the globe on over 100 radio stations.  Based in San Diego, R Dub! can also be heard every afternoon on Magic 92.5FM.